Terms of Service

Please read and understand our tos.

Accounts Setup

After you have successfully paid your invoice, please contact us with your proof of purchase, paypal unique transaction id, your paypal email address, name, domain url and desired cpanel username.

All accounts will be manually added in our system by our sales department once we receive paypal confirmation that you paid your invoice. Please allow up to 3 business day's, usually your account will be setup in the same day.


At the moment we only accept payments made with paypal.


If you are not satisfied by our hosting services, please send us an e-mail and ask us for refund. You have 7 day's from account creation to test our services. We will not honor refunds if you will abuse our services.


You agree that you will not upload any content on our servers which is illegal in United States of America and Romania. The laws of the United States of America and Romania apply.

You are legally responsible for content uploaded on our servers.

It's forbidden to use our services to infringe any copyright or trademark.

Example of content forbidden on our server:

1. Adult content-Pornography, child pornography (including sites linking to child pornography);

2. Any type of violence or verbal abuse;

3. Any type of fraud or content related to it, pyramid schemes, lottery sites, etc;

4. IRC scripts, Proxy scripts, topsites, pirated software, warez, IP scanners, brute force programs, etc;

5. Sites promoting illegal activites;

6. Any type of crypto coin miners

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any account hosted on our servers which in our judgement is illegal, obscene or violates our terms of service in any manner.

Email Communications

A. Our email services are destinated to usual communications, personal or for business.

B. It is strictly forbidden sending of emails to any contact or destination without their approval or consent.


You are responsibile for backup. Any cPanel account has the ability to backup and download it's data hosted on our servers. We cannot be made responsible for any kind of data loss.

Hosting Packages Resource Limitations

All of our cPanel accounts comes with a feature called Resource Usage Overview, every client can see CPU usage, Virtual Memory Usage, Physical Memory Usage, Input/Output Usage, Entry Process, Faults. Going above those specified values, our automated system will limit acces to your site for a short period of time. If your account gets limitted you will be informed by this feature. Going above limitations for a long period of time can result in account suspension or account termination in some cases.

Account Suspension or Termination

We will not suspend/terminate your account unless you break our tos, but we reserve the right to suspend or terminate any account without providing any notice/reason. If we suspend your account we will not delete any of your files but if we terminate your account this means that all of your data is deleted permanently from our servers.

Changing of our Terms of Service

Hosteus reserves the right to modify/revise this tos at any time without any notice.

For any other questions please contact us.